Hello , I’m mummymama

Hi , I’m mummymama.A mother of 2 beautiful, adorable sometimes annyoing kids. My eldest calls me mummy while my youngest mama hence the name mummymama. Im also a wife to an incredible ( do i get my coach now ? ) husband…who’s very unpredictable…which drives me insane ! No , unpredictable isn’t adventures …it was when we were single ! Love how everything was unpredicatable. Nowww , with the 2 ducklings along , being predictable is the adventure ! Sighhhh…how life changes just like that !
If only I could slow it down with a remote. Skip all the meaninglese parts and enjoy all the meaningful ones.
Anyway , got to go finish my coffee before the ducklings get up…yes ,  drinking coffee without disturbance is precious…very precious.


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