I rather be fat than flat

I went to the mall the other day …alone , without the kids ofcourse. I do that often…about 2 hours …just to have some me time away from the kids.
So anyway , at the mall a blouse caught my attention. I knew I had to buy it. I looked at the price tag and smiled…it was affordable !
I went to the salesgirl and asked for a medium.Ofcourse I would ask for a medium. I am afterall an XL. The salesgirl looked at me and I asked her again. She gave me the blouse and I tried it on. It didn’t fit. I passed it back to her and ask for a L. She turned around and said ‘You’re fat , take XL ‘. She actually said that ! I was shock at how blunt and rude she was !
I looked at her. She looked like a pencil ( flat infront and behind ). She was an XS for sure. Those with a 20 cm waistline. I took it and tried it on. It was just nice for me.
I knew I was an XL but at times it’s nice to try something smaller. I was an XS once. 10 years ago I was also 42 kgs. But that was 10 years ago.
Anyway , I bought the blouse. But before leaving I said ‘I rather be fat than flat ‘ to the salesgirl.I just had too and the look on pencil’s face was priceless!


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