I’m Tired !

I keep telling my hubby and children that I’m tired but they don’t seem to understand. It’s as if they can’t comprehend what I’m saying.

Infact my hubby even asked me why am I tired! Why am I tired ??!! I will tell you why !

My day starts at 6 am in the morning. While everyone else is fast asleep ,I AM awake . I get dress and rush to work. I’m done with work at 3pm and then I buy the groceries. I fetch the kids at 5pm and help them with their homework. I start cooking dinner at 6.30 pm n I finish by 7.30 pm.

I then feed the kids and get them ready for bed. I read to them and put them in bed by 8.30 / 9 pm. I then feed the dogs and attend to the unfolded clothes . My hubby gets back from work and I have my dinner.

By 10.30 pm , I’m done with dinner. I then pack my kids’ school bags and get their uniforms ironed.

I usually sleep by 12 am . Sometimes I’m awaken by my kids . I only have 4-5 hours of sleep a day.

THAT is why I’m always tired ! That is why mummymama is ALWAYS tired !

But no one seems to understand this. It’s as if mummy mama isn’t allowed to get tired or fall sick for that matter.

HELLOOO…I am after all human too ! Just like you and daddy ! I wish i could just sleep without any disturbance. That is all I want….to sleep. Is that too much to ask for ?







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