Month: July 2016

Hello cellulite my faithfull friend

Allow me to introduce you to my faithful friend cellulite. Cellulite came into my life just like that.. uninvited , unexpected. I was hoping she would leave  my thighs alone but somehow she doesn’t seem to get the hint. Infact , she seems to have develope a comfort zone around my chunky thighs…as if my thighs were like bean bags. Come to think of it , it does look like bean bags.

Cellulites are fat under your skin and  I always thought that it only happens to bigger people but apprently not…it happens to anybody and everybody !

Which explains my share of cellulites ! My thighs look disgusting and i nèed to do something about it…

I never knew one’s diet and dehydration contribute to cellulites. That explains my share of cellulites ! I don’t drink enough water…always fussing around the kids to do so but never for myself. I think all mothers are like that. We tend to neglect ourselves.

Diet…that’s a whole new chapter by itself.  Anyway , atleast I can now justify for my cellulites . Perhaps now with the justification I can now move on to getting rid of them…

Next  post : How to get rid of my dear friend ….Cellulite.