Author: mummymama

Much has happened…

Much has happened to me. Im pregnant with my 3rd kid which is great but my maid decides to ditch me and run away with her lover…not so great ! 

I almost had a miscarriage so which means i can’t strain myself which also means the bitch choose a really ‘good’ time to run off !

So , i’m now coping with a miscarriage , working , doing the housework , attending to my kids, the pets that i have which isn’t mine btw…bascially really, really tired at the end of the day.

So, what does mummymama needs ???

A 7-days beach holiday ALONE ! Not even with the phone…because the kids might call me…or worst still my husband ! 

I just want to be alone…for 7 days…that’s all i want.


Skin tags ?! what the ??!!

So , like flabby arms , chunky thighs and cellulites isn’t enough …life has now thrown me with skin tags ! yup…I was like …what the hell ?!  All of a sudden , like with no warning what so ever , I have skin tags around my neck ! Although it’s like 3…but like what the hell ! 

So , I did the next ‘practical’ thing to do. I googled skin tags. Read about it and tomorrow I’m off to buy lemons…

Hello cellulite my faithfull friend

Allow me to introduce you to my faithful friend cellulite. Cellulite came into my life just like that.. uninvited , unexpected. I was hoping she would leave  my thighs alone but somehow she doesn’t seem to get the hint. Infact , she seems to have develope a comfort zone around my chunky thighs…as if my thighs were like bean bags. Come to think of it , it does look like bean bags.

Cellulites are fat under your skin and  I always thought that it only happens to bigger people but apprently not…it happens to anybody and everybody !

Which explains my share of cellulites ! My thighs look disgusting and i nèed to do something about it…

I never knew one’s diet and dehydration contribute to cellulites. That explains my share of cellulites ! I don’t drink enough water…always fussing around the kids to do so but never for myself. I think all mothers are like that. We tend to neglect ourselves.

Diet…that’s a whole new chapter by itself.  Anyway , atleast I can now justify for my cellulites . Perhaps now with the justification I can now move on to getting rid of them…

Next  post : How to get rid of my dear friend ….Cellulite.

Off late…

Lately , I have been very tired. TIRED of many things…of eveything. I guess this happens to anyone. EVRYONE goes through it. There are times , many a times , I feel like throwing my phone away…far away. And then there are times when I feel like running away. Running as far as my legs can take me. Or sitting on a sea -wall and staring into the sea with no thoughts in the head…simple things. That is what my life lacks…simplicity.

I’m Tired !

I keep telling my hubby and children that I’m tired but they don’t seem to understand. It’s as if they can’t comprehend what I’m saying.

Infact my hubby even asked me why am I tired! Why am I tired ??!! I will tell you why !

My day starts at 6 am in the morning. While everyone else is fast asleep ,I AM awake . I get dress and rush to work. I’m done with work at 3pm and then I buy the groceries. I fetch the kids at 5pm and help them with their homework. I start cooking dinner at 6.30 pm n I finish by 7.30 pm.

I then feed the kids and get them ready for bed. I read to them and put them in bed by 8.30 / 9 pm. I then feed the dogs and attend to the unfolded clothes . My hubby gets back from work and I have my dinner.

By 10.30 pm , I’m done with dinner. I then pack my kids’ school bags and get their uniforms ironed.

I usually sleep by 12 am . Sometimes I’m awaken by my kids . I only have 4-5 hours of sleep a day.

THAT is why I’m always tired ! That is why mummymama is ALWAYS tired !

But no one seems to understand this. It’s as if mummy mama isn’t allowed to get tired or fall sick for that matter.

HELLOOO…I am after all human too ! Just like you and daddy ! I wish i could just sleep without any disturbance. That is all I want….to sleep. Is that too much to ask for ?






What is true love ?

What is true love ? Does anyone know ?
You say that you love me very much but yet your words , just like a knife , have sliced my heart.
Sliced….I can actually feel the pain…
If you love me and you swear you do , why do you hurt me?

I rather be fat than flat

I went to the mall the other day …alone , without the kids ofcourse. I do that often…about 2 hours …just to have some me time away from the kids.
So anyway , at the mall a blouse caught my attention. I knew I had to buy it. I looked at the price tag and smiled…it was affordable !
I went to the salesgirl and asked for a medium.Ofcourse I would ask for a medium. I am afterall an XL. The salesgirl looked at me and I asked her again. She gave me the blouse and I tried it on. It didn’t fit. I passed it back to her and ask for a L. She turned around and said ‘You’re fat , take XL ‘. She actually said that ! I was shock at how blunt and rude she was !
I looked at her. She looked like a pencil ( flat infront and behind ). She was an XS for sure. Those with a 20 cm waistline. I took it and tried it on. It was just nice for me.
I knew I was an XL but at times it’s nice to try something smaller. I was an XS once. 10 years ago I was also 42 kgs. But that was 10 years ago.
Anyway , I bought the blouse. But before leaving I said ‘I rather be fat than flat ‘ to the salesgirl.I just had too and the look on pencil’s face was priceless!

A holiday after a holiday

It’s never a holiday if the kids tag along…espcially for me…mummymama! First , I have to pack the bags atleast twice…with the kids ( for their excitement sake ) and then without them while they are asleep. Then , having to go through the mental checklist with the hope that the mental does not get checked first. Followed by the actual holiday itself which requires changing of diapers , boiling water , organizing food , making milk , washing the bottles and so on….that’s my husband’s idea of a holiday .
As for me , a real holiday is a holiday without the kids …that’s a real holiday ! An actual holiday that mummymama wants !

Hello , I’m mummymama

Hi , I’m mummymama.A mother of 2 beautiful, adorable sometimes annyoing kids. My eldest calls me mummy while my youngest mama hence the name mummymama. Im also a wife to an incredible ( do i get my coach now ? ) husband…who’s very unpredictable…which drives me insane ! No , unpredictable isn’t adventures …it was when we were single ! Love how everything was unpredicatable. Nowww , with the 2 ducklings along , being predictable is the adventure ! Sighhhh…how life changes just like that !
If only I could slow it down with a remote. Skip all the meaninglese parts and enjoy all the meaningful ones.
Anyway , got to go finish my coffee before the ducklings get up…yes ,  drinking coffee without disturbance is precious…very precious.